a little bit about me

somethings about me i bet some of you guys didn’t know bout me is… for one i love to ride my bike and skateboard. my favorite marvel character is the punisher. i listen to heavy metal and alternative metal. my two favorite bands are Five Finger Death Punch, and I Prevail. my two favorite songs is “Cradle To Grave by Five Finger Death Punch” and “Blank Space by I Prevail.” something else about me is i am a very caring person and i’m always trying to make people smile. i am also a morning person so if i wake up in the morning sometimes i’m very hyper.

sports = good character

did you know it has been proven that if u play sports it builds good character. some of the worlds most popular people have played sports or still play are really nice and cool. I also know many of people that have great character and play sports. what i am saying right now is that sports helps build good character but not everyone plays sports and many people don’t and still have excellent character and a great personality.,

English research blog

you know the book of mice and men well i found something like it… well it has the same name. their is a metal core band named Of Mice and Men they have a YouTube channel. also they live over in California, just like in the story it took place in California.

why i want at least a D!!!!

my first reason i think i deserve a D is because i don’t have a computer at home. i don’t have a computer at home and my mother cant drive me to a public library because she works basically till it closes, so it kind of hard to do my blogs. My second reason that i think i deserve a D is that i don’t think you give us enough time to finish our PCR’s. yes 10 minutes may be enough time to finish for some people, but the rest of the class doesn’t finish. i am not only speaking for me but a few other people in our class, 15 to 20 minutes should be enough time. My final reason i think i should at least get a D letter grade is the schools computers. In the morning i get off my bus i get in the school and i go get breakfast, after i get done eating breakfast i would have only 5 minutes to finish a couple paragraph essay. also the computers in the library are all taken up in the mornings. This is why i think i deserve a D letter grade.

the life i live

    i am from my mother,
    from Xbox to PlayStation,
    i am from the grass in my backyard.
    i am from the big tree in my backyard,
    i am from the roses in my garden in my back yard,
    whose pettles fell off in the winter and turn crisp.

    i am from computers and cool cars,
    from mother and father.
    im from the know it all to the pass it on’s,
    from the care givers to the care getters.
    i restore my computer with windows 10
    and then i update all my software myself.

    im from Delaware to Belair town,
    fried chicken and a frappe from my grandmother lost to auger.

about me

my name is Tony but some call me Pedro. I’m a red head that’s awesome and likes cars and loves to ride bikes and plays lots of videogames. (*___*)